The idea of a private label has started its development since 1960-s, when retailers had realized that goods may be cheaper if producers' costs for development and label support could be avoided. The researches carried out during 1990-s proved that purchasing goods from own brands instead of producers' brands buyers reduce their weekly expenses for over 25%. In common understanding, the model of creating of private labels is rather simple: Major retailers sign outsourcing contracts for fabrication of a product, then they buy it and put on it their own trademarks or in advance order the producer the package of their own design. As for the buyers, own brands help them identifying the goods and their price level, herewith, guaranteeing their quality in accordance with the retailer's level. Private labels also are the source of associations.

Bionix proposes production of own brands, i.e. products fabricated as per the retailer's specification, being in retailer's ownership and sold at his private distribution network. Products fabricated under an own brand has a much lower price as compared with other similar products, which comes from cutting of production costs. The company concludes direct contracts with networks and major retailers, therefore, using no interagents. There are no delivery costs - we deliver our products ourselves. Own brands do not require any advertisement or marketing costs, since the goods are promoted at the place of sale. The owner of a private label has the guarantee that his products having been fabricated under the contract will be sold.

Private Label or Own Brand - BIONIX

As of the present day, the following retail chains have selected us as suppliers of the own brands: AUCHAN - label “Kazhdy den” (Every day), LENTA with the same-name label and label “365 dney” (365 days), supermarket chain O’KEY having the same-name label and label “To, chto nado!” (This is it!) and Fresh Market with the labels Lasmy and Primos. The products are present in regional retail chains of Volgograd, Kostroma, Irkutsk and Vladivostok. We also have partners in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.


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6-th Motor Road, Volzhsky, 404130

After passing the Volzhsky hydroelectric plant,
turn left at the second traffic-light,
than drive along the main road,
and 100 m after the regulated T-junction turn right,
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