Water softening agent

Water softening agent at washing, boiling and soaking of cotton and flax fibres, for prevention of calciferous, soapy and other crusts on the surface of heating elements of automatic washers, and washing of porcelaneous, crockery, enameled and ceramic tableware, and other household and practical needs. Water softening agent «Antinakipin» shall be used at every washing cycle, put it to the main section of a batcher, on the washing powder, or directly into the washing machine drum. Herewith, the washing powder shall be dozed as for the soft water.


– sodium silicate
– sodium tripolyphosphate
– polycarboxylates
– phosphates
– bonding additives

Shelf life 5 years

TU 2381-042-70864601-2005
ТУ 2383-003-92979730-2015

Packing: 550g carton.

Multiple packing 24 cartons in corrugated box.

СГР Антинакипин 1 СГР Антинакипин 2 Экспертное заключение Антинакипин 1 Экспертное заключение Антинакипин 2 Экспертное заключение Антинакипин 3 Экспертное заключение Антинакипин 4

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