Таблетки для посудомоечных машин DiWash

Tablets «DiWash» for dishwashing machines.

Tableted detergent for washing the dishes in dishwashing machines.
The new formula by “BIONIX” developed specially for tablets ensures 7-in-1 dishwashing:
- remove complicated and consolidated contaminations from the dishes
- fight with spots of starch and grease
- perfectly clean the dishes and the table ware
- make the dishes shine
- contain special-purpose additives ensuring absence of stains and scuds on the washed dishes
- protect from scale and corrosion
- rapidly dissolving even in warm water thus providing excellent washing even at short cycle.
The results of testing our tablets for washing machines showed their high efficiency resolutely comparable with the products from market leaders, and in regard of washing away the body fats, our tablets even prevail.


– oxygenated bleaching agent less than 5%>
– activator tetraacetylethylenediamine>
– non-ionic surfactant less than 5%>
– phosphates 5-15%>
– phosphonates>
– silicates>
– enzimes>
– polycarboxylate>
– fragrance>
– citrene.

Срок годности 24 месяца

TU 2383-005-92979730-2016
the state registration certificate

Packing: 30 (600gr.),
60 (1,2kg.) or 100 (2kg.) tablets.

Test results: 
СГР DiWash Экспертное заключение DiWash 1 Экспертное заключение DiWash 2 Экспертное заключение DiWash 3 Экспертное заключение DiWash 4

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